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Proposed Pastoral Plan for All Saints Parish


BUILDING THE FUTURE: A call to embrace  renewal and restructuring in the Diocese of Erie


The preliminary parish reconfiguration plan has been unveiled by Bishop Persico. The proposal that the Diocese presented on August 29th was for All Saints Parish to be partnered with St. Boniface Parish. A partnered parish is where two or more parishes share one pastor as well as other resources, but they continue to exist as distinct parishes. They function in many ways like sister parishes. While they have their own parishioners, parish church and finances, they share the same pastor, staff, and parish office.


As Bishop Persico said “We are doing what we need to do, not necessarily what we want to do. Our goal is to create parish communities that are vibrant, life-giving places of worship, places where people find encouragement and hope as they grow in their relationship with Christ, his church and each other.”


Parishioners are encouraged to read the plan along with the bishop’s letters, statistics, and more on the pastoral planning process at www.ErieRCD.org/planning.html.

There is a survey to offer feedback from parishioners at this link.  You may also fill out the paper survey that can be downloaded from this link or found in the gathering space at church. You may leave the paper survey with the parish office and we will mail them to the diocese or you may mail it yourself. Surveys and a parish response from the pastor are due to the Diocese by September 29.




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